Dear L.A. Marathon

Dear LA Marathon,

Please make up your mind already. Are you happening on May 25, or February 16? If you are on the 25th of May, I can’t make it because of my wedding. If you happen on the 16th of February, it is almost too close to the Surf City Race on Superbowl Sunday.

Why couldn’t you just stay the same? The first weekend in March is a great weekend for a Marathon in LA. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. Also, it coordinates perfectly with the other races in the area (Rock ‘n Roll, Surf City, and probably others). Yes, I understand you now belong to Frank McCourt, but that doesn’t mean you have to go and change and flip-flop around.

L.A. Marathon, please think of the many legacy runners who look to run your streets each and every year. By changing the traditional date, and by flip flopping between holiday weekends, displaces many of these marathon veterans who have grown to love the run that usually occurs every March. Don’t make it more difficult for these runners to partake in the festivities. Asides from investors and sponsors who make the event possible, the legacy runners should be your top priority. Without the tried and true dedication from these individuals, the marathon would not be what it is today and what I knew it to be this past March.

Yes, I do know that I only ran you one time and that you were my first marathon experience. Also, I can understand that you want to make some changes to reflect your new owner. But in all honesty, I think this is too much change. Asides from the fact that the temperature in the end of May is much too warm for a comfortable marathon, won’t Mr. McCourt be too consumed with the Dodgers once the season starts up?

Please move back to the first Sunday in March.


Christina Cassell


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