Bike Tour. Why not?

The Pasadena Marathon is just around the corner on November 16 and I want to partake in the festivities, especially seeing as how this is the inaugural year for the event. Earlier this month, I ran my second marathon in Long Beach. Before lining up at the starting line for Long Beach, I had the opportunity to see some of the bike tour participants pedal their way through the marathon course. “How neat would that be?” I thought to myself.

So, I have decided to take part in the Pasadena Marathon bike tour. Seeing as how I already have access to a road bike, I needed to buy biking shorts and a super cool helmet, which I did. Next, I needed to start a mini training session in order to get my quads and butt ready for a 26.2 mile bike ride, which I am doing now.

In several weeks, I will be completing my first bike tour. As I branch out from just running to also running and biking, I hope that this race serves as a slow but steady transformation for me from a runner to a triathlete.


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