Reminiscent of the injured days

What do you get when you tear your ACL not once, not twice, but three times throughout college?
A whole lot of rehab and exercise on the bike.

Today’s workout was rather reminiscent of those days on the bike. As mentioned earlier, I mildly injured my foot on Tuesday at the gym. With my marathon a little more than three weeks away, I am doing my best to keep training without aggravating it any more.

Tomorrow is supposed to be my long run, my 20 mile training run for Long Beach. I am going to have to push that back a week and focus on resting my foot this weekend. Today, I rode the stationary bike today for 55 minutes and did a series of intervals to elevate my heart rate. While my foot feels better than it did yesterday, I still don’t want to take any kind of chance as I know rest is key here. Instead of running my 20 miles and instead of running at all, I will once again go to the gym and ride the bike. Hopefully tomorrow when I go with Zac, I will be able to get in a good hour and a half on the bike.


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