WHOA! That was frightening

This morning I did my workout at the gym. My training manual called for 7 800 meter repeats at a pace slightly faster than my 5K pace. I decided to do them on the treadmill at 9.3 – 9.5, which is a 6:27 – 6:18 minute per mile pace.

While in the middle of my fifth repeat, I am running the second lap at a 9.5 pace, which is a 6:18 mile pace. All of a sudden without any warning the treadmill completely stops and shuts off. This sudden stop causes my body to jolt forward very quickly. Luckily, I was able to grab onto the handle bars in that split second. If I hadn’t, the force would have propelled me forward causing me to hit my head on the bar. This was very upsetting to me because it interrupted my workout and also could have injured me quite badly.

Calmly, I walked up to the front desk to tell the attendant what had happened. I told her that in the middle of one of my 800 meter repeats I had the treadmill at 9.5 and all of a sudden, without any warning it shut off almost causing me to be thrown off of the machine. Does she respond with shock? No. Does she respond with the slightest bit of sympathy? No.

She simply asks, “Well, how long were you on it?”

To which I replied, “About 30 minutes, the machine read that I still have twenty plus minutes remaining.”

Then, she has the audacity to reply, “Sometimes our machines just turn off after a certain time because of a time limit.”

HELLO! Does this lady have any idea how dangerous that is? Does she even know how fast the belt is moving at 9.5? Especially when 10.0 is the maximum speed at which it travels. Did she even hear me that it gave no warning at all? That it just shut off? I am less than four weeks away from a marathon and I could have seriously been injured on that malfunctioning machine. That is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

The point is, having a machine that just turns off at any given moment is extremely dangerous. The gym staff does not know how fast a certain member may be going. As upset as I am that my workout was interrupted and I could have been injured, I am even more upset at this girl’s blatant disregard for the danger in what happened.

From now on, I am avoiding treadmill 38 at the gym.


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