I am a roadrunner, share the road. please

Okay, yes, I run on the road and not the sidewalk. While the pavement of the road is not as giving as a surface as a rubber or dirt track, it is definitely a more forgiving surface than the sidewalk. I try to plan most of my runs along streets that have a bike lane so that I have more running room although there are some streets in my area that don’t have a bike lane. I run on the very edge of the road going against traffic and apparently, some motorists don’t appreciate the.

While running this morning, I was running on a road that didn’t have a bike lane. I was as far left as I could get on the road and was very careful and cautious watching the oncoming traffic. Apparently, one motorist driving a large van was unhappy with sharing the road with me. As the large blob of a driver approached me, he did not slightly veer to the inside of the lane as most motorists do. Instead, this asshole decided to lay on his horn for an inappropriately long duration of time while steering closer to me. What an asshole!

A message to all motorists: Share the road with runners. Better yet, wake up a little bit earlier and run yourself. It will make you less of a bitter person J


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