Amazing run despite almost being squashed like a bug by a giant truck

It all began last night when I was planning my run for this morning –Wednesdays are always my mid-weed long run days. Knowing this, I consult my new favorite website ( and begin mapping out a course. I map this one up Chino Ave (and I mean up, boy is it a hill to the top), down Chino Hills Parkway, and back to my house. This is a loop I have wanted to run for quite some time now too! Luckily, the course was only eight miles making it completely doable.

I head out the door and start running. The first three and a half are an amazing uphill climb. While running up Chino Avenue, I saw a couple deer grazing. They were beautiful. Then, I made my way down Chino Hill Parkway and ran through English Springs Park. About six and a half miles into my run, I am nearly home and I see that a huge truck is rolling up to make a right hand turn onto the street I am running on. I keep running toward the truck; he is stopped and I am still a few meters away from him. With no luck, I try to make eye contact with the driver numerous times. I thought I did make eye contact but I must have been mistaken. Then, I see that a car is rounding the corner and approaching the truck –making it a very unsafe turn for the truck because he would run right into the car. I see this and see that the truck has to wait for the car to pass before he can proceed to turn right and continue running because I have plenty of time to safely cross. Partially into the intersection the huge truck (and I am talking about an F-450 work/construction type of huge truck) begins its right-hand turn and is on a collision course with me and the approaching car.

I try to abruptly stop my run to avoid getting hit. I am going pretty fast –about an 8:30 mile pace. In a hard motion I stop my legs, lean backward to avoid falling forward, and place my arms in front of me to push myself off of the truck if needed. “WHOA!” I yell with great intensity. The truck driver immediately looks right and slams on his breaks causing his truck to come to a jolting stop. All of his work tools in the back violently crash up against the front of the truck and he is left with a shocked expression on his face. I am inches away from this enormous truck that is towering over me and my entire body starts to quiver. Quickly, I gather myself and proceed to run behind and around the truck. As I come up to the driver’s side door I notice that the window is open and I yell, “ALWAYS LOOK RIGHT!”

One thing I have learned from running the roads is that people don’t usually look right when they are making a right hand turn onto a street. Drivers may think it is safe to only look left but it isn’t. I thought I had made eye contact but I didn’t. Always, Always, Always look both ways –left and right before turning onto a street.


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