What do a marathon and a wedding gown have in common?

Besides all of my running and marathon training (which consists of running, weight lifting and a mediocre attempt to eat healthy), I have other things in my life that are happening right now. I’m also searching for a job (hopefully, one that doesn’t require such a long commute) AND planning my wedding. Even though it is still more than nine months away, the wedding planning part of my life is starting to take up more and more time.

I recently purchased my wedding dress and I am so in love with my gown. It is a dress that I would never have imagined myself wearing, let alone try-on. But, I knew right away when I tried it on for my future mother-in-law that it was the one. So, there I am in the bridal boutique getting measured for my dress and of course my bust, waist and hips are all different sizes! Haha, just my luck, right? Thankfully, the dress has a beautiful corset back, so I won’t have any difficulties with a zipper or those ugly dinosaur buttons. Anyway, as I was deciding a final size, my marathon schedule crept into my mind. “Hmmm, my wedding is in May and my closest marathon to that is the L.A. Marathon in March, meaning I have lost much of the muscle I am in the process of building up now but won’t be running 50 miles a week,” I thought to myself. If my wedding was any closer to the marathon, I probably would have opted for one size smaller. For my last marathon, I lost a pretty good amount of weight (some fat, some muscle, some water) in the month leading up to the marathon and during the actual race. My goal for Long Beach (besides completing the course in less than four hours) is to not loose so much weight and muscle mass –hence why I added weight lifting 3x a week to my workout schedule.

So anyway, the dress is purchased and should be in town in the beginning of January for my first fitting and appointment with the seamstress. This is good news because it will be a solid three months after I run the Long Beach Marathon and it will also be a little less than two months before the L.A. Marathon. My body shouldn’t be much different in the beginning of January compared to how it will be in May.

In addition to the wedding dress, I have also booked the caterer, rental company, DJ and minister. I am currently weeding through a couple photographers (seriously, they cost how much?) and am beginning to look for invites.

As far as running goes, my miles are beginning to increase. I ran 14 miles today with my group and it was definitely a difficult run. It was hot and humid today –two combinations that don’t mix well for runners. So far in July I have run 122 miles AND I still have three more training days in the month! Wow! My next race, the Disneyland Half Marathon is slightly more than a months away and if everything goes according to plan, I should PR. In addition to making my legs, core and upper body stronger through weights, I have added significant speed work to my training and run my weekly training runs at a pace 0:30 to 1:00 minute per mile faster than I did for L.A. The only variant that I can’t control will be the weather on August 31. Send me some positive weather vibes for that day.

Speaking of positive vibes, Monday is a pretty big day for two people close to me. Let’s send them positive, good health vibes also!


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