You know you’re a runner when…

You know you’re a runner when you purchase new running shoes and the shoes just so happen to be the same exact model as your current pair.

Beginning late last week, I noticed that my shoes weren’t feeling as great as they usually do. Depending on who you speak with, running shoes should be replaced every 300-500 miles and since I have has reconstructive surgery on both of my knees I like to keep my shoes in tip-top shape. If I actually kept an on-going log of my miles I would be able to better tell when my shoes need replacing.

Nonetheless, I bought my current shoes right after running the OC Half Marathon. During that race I learned a great lesson: during a 13.1 mile race is not the most opportune time to realize it is time for new shoes. After that race in January, I bought my usual kicks: Asics Gel Kayano. Can someone say amazing?

In January, the 14s had just come out and with that model Asics did some minor retuning. Compared to my pair of 13s, the 14s were so much more comfortable and they even seemed to absorb the shock better.

Not wanting a repeat of my Half Marathon earlier in the year, I set out to purchase a new pair of shoes immediately at the first sign of wear (for me this means slight knee pain in my left knee during my runs –despite thorough IT band stretching).

So, I go to the sporting goods store to purchase my token Gel Kayanos and the 14s are still on sale. In fact, the 15s have yet to be released! I’m not complaining by any means, the 14s are an amazing running shoe and work perfectly with my gait. Like I was saying, you know you are a runner when your new running shoes are the same as your old ones because you exhausted your initial pair before the company was able to release the next.

Sound mind. Sound body. Happy Running!


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