btw, I am NOT cheating myself

While at the gym, if someone has their iPod on, it means do not talk to them unless it is an emergency (i.e., a fire, earthquake or some sort of natural disaster). For me, the gym is my haven, my sanctuary, my place to collect my thoughts and work through any feelings I may be having that particular day. Some people need a good ole cup of Joe in the morning to wake them up but for me, I need a good run (or weight workout if it is an off-running day). Something about getting my heart pumping and filling my body with endorphins really wakes me up.

But I digress…

Well, seems that people do not comprehend this “don’t talk to me if I am wearing my iPod” theory. Much to my bemusement this morning, I was finishing up with some lunges in the gymnasium and this guy taps my shoulder and I am walking to re-rack my weights. So, I have to put both dumbbells in one hand, pull an earpiece from my ear and see what he is fussing about. He asks if that is all I was doing (just one down and back, full-court set of lunges with 8lb dumbbells in each hand). And I said yes and proceeded to walk away.

“That is all you are going to do? You are cheating yourself,” this asshole begins to tell me. Let’s call him Asshole.

WTF?!?! I didn’t ask for his opinion. “You should do more sets,” he continues to chastise me.

Why do people feel the need to solicit their unwarranted lectures at the gym? If I wanted a personal trainer, I would pay for one. Better yet, I can just ask my fiancé because he knows more about the human body than most people do.

Little does Asshole know that I have a torn ACL and have had two ACL reconstructive surgeries and that sometimes lunges hurt my knees. Little does Asshole know that I just increased my weights on lunges. Little does Asshole know that I just did 3 sets of 15 reps of deadlifts. Little does Asshole know that I was planning on a speed workout this morning.

I did 3 mile repeats (yeah, definitely brings back memories from high school) this morning. Cheating myself would have been only doing two. Cheating myself would have been doing them at an 8:00 min pace instead of a 7:30-7:45 pace. Cheating myself would have been no speed workout at all, despite the fact that I am trying to decrease my time.

Cheating myself would have been never setting foot to accomplish my goal of running a marathon despite multiple setbacks with my knees.


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