Ode from a runner: Saturday mornings

Hello and welcome to my blog! Thanks for coming by. I hope that you like what you read/see and will come back for more.

Each and every week the thing I look forward to the most is my Saturday morning run; I am sure many other runners share this same feeling. Whether it be a solo run or a group training run, Saturday morning runs posses a certain euphoric quality that seem to bring peace and order to an otherwise hectic world. As much as I look forward to my Saturday morning runs, I look forward to the common sights, occurrences, people and sounds that each run brings –I am sure most other runners can relate.

I love running past the fire station each week. You firefighters provide me with that extra assurance that god forbid something terrible happen, you will be there to assist myself or one of my running mates. I love the attitude that other runners/walkers/bikers have during the early morning hours on a Saturday. It is heart-warming to know that in today’s society you can still say, “Hello” and, “good morning” and get a friendly response. It is a beautiful, shared bond when two runners cross paths with warm smiles and friendly gestures. I also love the feeling of conquering an enormous hill or reaching the turn-around point, those instances provide a fresh wave of energy and liven up the run. In the winter time, I love the crisp, brisk air filling my lungs, the dewy fog rushing past my skin and the colors of the morning sky as the sun rises. In the spring and summer I love the beautiful, blooming scenery, the many kids out and about playing and the smell of all the blooming plants. Most importantly though, I love the accomplished feeling an early Saturday morning run brings. Knowing that you have already done something that most people wouldn’t even think of, especially before some people even roll out of bed, is a great, empowering feeling.

I am a runner and I savor my Saturday morning runs.


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